ByAllAccounts supports leading platforms so you can streamline operations and workflow

Our solutions are designed for advisors who want to manage their re-balancing, reconciliation, and/or trust accounting workflows in one consolidated solution that is powered by aggregated account data.  By partnering with leading platforms we have eliminated the time-consuming and costly steps of manually receiving and processing data from outside custodians, enabling you to further automate account processes and focus on growing assets under management/advisement.

More than 90 percent of our clients reconcile account data on a daily or weekly basis.  These professional advisors do the recon themselves, use an outsourcer or utilize a third-party transaction management software.

We deliver reconciliation-ready data on a daily basis into your platform of choice.  Operations managers use us to seamlessly translate reconciliation-ready data from our aggregation engine into reconciled data that is ready for performance reporting.  Want to know best practices in reconciliation?  Learn more about our best practices in reconciliation service.

Already use SmartStream’s reconciliation software?  Our partnership with SmartStream delivers aggregated, reconciliation-ready data within the TLM Reconciliations and TLM OnDemand solutions.

According to our Advisor Technology Survey, re-balancing/asset allocation is among the top five technology solutions deployed in-house or through an application service provider. More than one third of advisors bring account-level data into their re-balancing/asset allocation software, and of that number, 54 percent are doing so daily.

Our partnerships with rebalancing platforms make this even easier, enabling you to use us to populate your rebalancing software with data on all clients accounts, including those under their supervision and/or held-away assets overseen by outside custodians:

Personal Trading Surveillance
Compliance teams turn to us to eliminate paper handling of statements when monitoring their employees’ personal trading activity.  Account aggregation removes the tedious, time-consuming and error-prone steps of manually reviewing and entering data in order to monitor personal trading activity. The technology logs into individual accounts through the brokerage’s web interface, electronically gathers financial account data and feeds it directly into a third-party personal trading software or in-house platform. 

Read more about our personal trading surveillance solution.

Already use Compliance11’s personal trading monitoring software?  Our partnership with compliance11 delivers aggregated, reconciliation-ready data within their solution.

Trust Accounting
Increasingly advisors are managing assets across multiple custodians.  Trustees need to have a consolidated view of these assets within their trust accounting platform.   We automate the electronic gathering and normalization of your account-level data from any custodian and translate it into the format suited for the needs of your specific trust accounting platform.  Our product is already integrated with leading trust accounting systems giving you the flexibility to select the best technology solution for your business, both now and in the future:

  • AccuTech AccuTrust
  • InfoVisa
  • SEI Trust3000

Not sure if we fit with your current technology platform?  Contact us to find out more.