ByAllAccounts supports the leading portfolio management systems

Want to get account-level data into your portfolio management system (PMS)?  You’re not alone.  Three out of four of your colleagues are actively bringing account-level data into their portfolio management/performance reporting system and of that number, 68 percent are doing so daily. ** 

We automate the electronic gathering and normalization of your account-level data from any custodian and translate it into the format suited for the needs of your specific PMS.  Our products are already integrated with the leading portfolio management systems, giving you the flexibility to select the best technology solution for your business, both now and in the future. 

We recognize that your needs may change as your business grows.  Our ability to translate data into a format best-suited for your needs means that we will continue to support you even if you change portfolio management systems.  And this means that you’ll save time and money.

Tips in selecting an account aggregation solution:

  • Choose an aggregation platform designed to support the special needs of your wealth management system
  • Make sure the technology is trusted by other professionals with similar needs
  • Make sure the data sources that are supported are ones you care about
  • If you regularly reconcile accounts, check that the aggregated data is reconciliation-ready

Don’t use a portfolio management system?  Our aggregation engine is also integrated with the leading CRM systems, and other key technology solutions.

** Based on Q2 survey.