Asset Managers

Improve your operational efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and reducing your reconciliation processing time

  • Scale: Reduce or eliminate manual data entry  for start of day reconciliation of positions and cash
  • Improve Efficiency: Shorten reconciliation cycles from days to hours
  • Save Money: Get greater distribution of product across multiple platforms without adding staff


How the Service Works

Our knowledge-based process uses artificial intelligence to gather and transform financial account data to meet sophisticated data requirements.

Positions, balances, transactions and securities data is ready to reconcile against the custodian-reported data.

  • Connector to structured and unstructured financial account data
  • Aggregate transactions, positions, balances from 4,000+ different custodian and TAMPs
  • Data collected using direct connectivity and/or html parsing and/or PDF parsing
  • Often use multiple different-format sources to ensure completeness of the data
  • Can add a custodian that is not currently supported by the Morningstar® ByAllAccountsSM service 
  • Support multiple currencies
  • Support trade-date and/or settlement-date based data
  • Provide platform independent data delivery. Deliver to any system including Advent®, SmartStream, and InData
  • Also deliver data to proprietary data warehouses and reporting systems

Systems We Work With

ByAllAccounts delivers account data to portfolio management, reconciliation, compliance, trust accounting and performance systems including:

  • Advent®
  • InData
  • SmartStream
  • Your proprietary system

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